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How To Tell Authentic Seven For All Mankind Jeans From The Fakes


The Paper Tag

real REAL

Not glossy, dull colors, vertical
lines running up and down.


fake FAKE

Glossy, feels like a page out of a magazine.
Colors are too bright. No vertical lines.



The Inseam

real REAL

Overlock stitching on the inside of the cuff.


fake FAKE

No overlock stitching.


The Back Pocket Tag

real REAL

Measures 1 1/4″ vertically, runs from seam to seam.
Number “7” is fully visible.


fake FAKE

Measures 1″ vertically, sloppy stitching,
number “7” not fully visible.


The Back Pocket Tag #2

real REAL

Measures 1/2″ vertically,
overlaps the stitching.


fake FAKE

Less than 1/2″ vertically,
does not overlap the stitching.


The Inside Tag

real REAL

Large tag is off-white in color,
distinctive stitching on the sides.


fake FAKE

Large tag is white, wrong stitching.


Inside Tag #2

real REAL

Distinctive stitching on the sides.


fake FAKE

Sloppy stitching.


Inside Tag #2 (back)

real REAL

Silver microstitching, a white-on-white serial
number imprinted but difficult to see in this photo.


fake FAKE

Silver thread instead of the microstitching.
No serial number.

Even though there are a lot of cheats online that are selling fake designer jeans, it does not necessarily mean that you can’t find an authentic pair for a good price. If you utilize the knowledge that I gave you, I can promise you that you will purchase a pair of authentic Seven For All Mankind jeans.

If you are still not sure about a particular pair that you want to buy on eBay or on another website, you can leave a comment below and I will try my best to advise you.

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140 Responses to “How To Tell Authentic Seven For All Mankind Jeans From The Fakes”

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  1. 51
    wilson Says:

    hi.. what about its 98% and 2% spandex, is it real? cause i got it from macy’s

  2. 52
    Alejandra Says:

    Have you seen the ones at Costco yet? Seems to good to be true…?

  3. 53
    Auth Check [please... come one, come all!] - AuthenticForum Says:

    […] for all mankind – 7 For All Mankind How To Tell Authentic Seven For All Mankind Jeans From The Fakes | Denim Digest – Designer Jeans New… Seven for all mankind jeans ~ authenticating 7fam: start here! | Designer Jeans […]

  4. 54
    Christina Says:

    I am thinking about buying these jeans, can you tell me if they are real or fake?

  5. 55
    Christina Says:

    I am thinking about buying these jeans, can you tell me if they are real or fake?

  6. 56
    kelli Says:

    i am thinking about purchasing these seven for all mankind jeans. Can you tell me if they are fake or real?


  7. 57
    Leruschka Says:

    Is it possible to check the identity of two Seven Jeans, I bought at eBay Germany? Number 350156849760 and 350155100181.

    Does the seller markendiscount24 sell authentic jeans???
    Thank you very much,
    Valeria from Germany

  8. 58
    El Says:

    Are these only made in the USA? I have a pair that say “made in mexico” yet passes all the pics below and really look authentic!

  9. 59
    jjsvandy052 Says:

    Does this website sell fakes?

    Thanks, Jimmy

  10. 60
    jv Says:

    to #58…all mine are made in USA. I buy mine from nordstroms…so I’d be weary of yours. where’d you get them?

  11. 61
    Misty Says:

    I find this to be VERY helpful, things I would have never have known to look for. Do you have any insight on how to spot fake paige premium? Or can you refer me somewhere to find answers, also for Citizens of Humanity? Thank you for taking the time to show us how to help ourselves from getting ripped off!!

  12. 62
    chut chit Says:

    please tell me if this this website ( is selling real or fake designer brands???


  13. 63
    MILA Says:


  14. 64
    kattyposh Says:

    Nowadays its very difficult to tell which Jeans which you are wearing is Originals are Fake……..

  15. 65
    Jack Says:

    hey, i dont know if somebody else may have put this up, but if you guys are looking for real 7 for all mankind, go to barneys, because they have some nice jeans for a really cheap price. i got a pair for less than $96

  16. 66
    amanda g Says:

    I need to know about 1 pair I bought on Ebay. Everything measures up and matches except for the inner hem near the ankle. The others I have do have the wide inseam…this pair has everything you listed above minus the wide hem inside the cuff. before Ileave negative feedback,,,I just want to make sure. Thank you in advance

  17. 67
    OMG did I sell fakes? - AuthenticForum Says:

    […] are authentic sadly. Authentic Sevens have overlock stitching on the inseam and these do not. (How To Tell Authentic Seven For All Mankind Jeans From The Fakes | Denim Digest – Designer Jeans New…) Also, cut and style numbers are not printed on the tag. (*** AUTHENTICATING 7FAM: start here! *** […]

  18. 68
    Vanessa Says:

    Thanks so much for this, I bought two pairs on ebay recently, turns out one of them is real and one is FAKE. Thank you so much for this though, because the one that’s not, I haven’t left feedback for and now I definitely want my 50 bucks back yikes! what bs, but I’m happy I got at least one to be completely passing all your things!

  19. 69
    MR BK Says:

    u gotta update the tags because i bought 7 jeans off the official website and it was dark brown

  20. 70
    Onken Says:

    Thank you very much for your helping hand.

  21. 71
    Sarah Says:

    can u tell me if these are real?

  22. 72
    Vanessa Says:

    Sarah post 71: Those look fine, however it really isn’t easy to tell unless you can turn that tag inside out too and see if the security strip is in there on the inside of that brown tag right around where it folds to make the tag like a loop. But at least they’re able to be returned if they are not authentic, which usually is a good sign for authenticity!!

  23. 73
    ellematt Says:

    Hello, I purchased a pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans on ebay and they match up to all the above even the serial number except for the inseam, I don’t see overlock stitching. Are they fake?

  24. 74
    Sara Says:


    I just bought a new pair of seven fam jeans from a store in Belgium. It’s a store that sells jeans they buy from overstock (they say). I checked it with your list and everything seems okay, exept for the style & seruak number. They are in fact printed on, but the style number seems too short and the other one too long:

    style: U0017
    cut #: 7003573

    Could you please check if these are fake? Everything seems right, except the fact it doesn’t have ‘7 for all mankind’ printed on the back inside (which my other 7FAM’s(definitely real ones) do have), and the font on the back seems a little bit different if you look real close, especially the ‘mank’-part. On the other hand, it does have the tag that says it’s original and the tag looks real.
    Thank you very much for your answer.

  25. 75
    Nancy Says:

    Hello, I was wondering if the jeans I bought from eBay are fake or authentic. Please let me know. Thanks, Nancy

  26. 76
    Nancy Says:

    Also in her add it says made in the USA and the in the tags it says made in Mexico!

  27. 77
    karen V Says:

    Sold a pair of Seven for all mankind cords on e bay and buyer is stating they are fake – says there would never be a “white Stitching” on the zipper – is this so? the tags look authentic as the insode stitcvhing – please lmk as i need help

  28. 78
    Bill Says:

    I just received these (from an ebay auction) and have noticed they are shorter than some 7’s I bought off the rack at Nordstroms. Can you tell me if they are real? It is difficult to definitively tell. Thanks.

  29. 79
    Shaniece Says:

    I want to purchace sme 7 all mankind boot cut
    jeans frm eBay but on the inside across the very
    top of the waist part the T in boot cut doesn’t
    have a line crossing the T.

  30. 80
    Liz Says:

    I purchased a pair of 7 jeans directly through the seven for all mankind website, and they arrived with the tag on the waist cut. It has the top part and the bottom part, but the middle has been removed. I called 7 and was told that this particular style has the tag cut, because the jeans are slightly distressed. I feel like I got something that someone returned (and they probably bought them on ebay, so they are probably fake). I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this. I spent $200 on these jeans, and bought them direct, so I don’t know if these are legit or not. I have 6 other pairs of 7’s and have never had this problem before. Anyone have this problem?

  31. 81
    watches Says:

    In response, Omega said that the ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco was faithful to copyright law, which is designed to “prevent the importation, without the authority of iwc the U.S. copyright holder, of miu miu genuine copies made and sold overseas.

  32. 82
    Randi Says:

    Can you tell me if these 7 for all mankind jeans are real? The style number is JU130Y461C and the cut #is 002860. Thanks

  33. 83
    Jay Says:

    I am inquiring whether or not a pair of 7 for mankind pants are real. The inside has a border of Seven for all mankind in sparkling gold thread.

  34. 84
    7 For All Mankind Are My Favorite Brand Says:

    I love 7 For All Mankind jeans! They are so comfortable and the fit is the best! I never bought designer jeans before and these were my first pair of couture jeans and it really has paid off. I only wish I made this discovery sooner

  35. 85
    Eliza Says:

    Inseam in real seven for all mankind jeans aren’t necessarily overlock stitching. Bought some jeans from Nordstrom and they do not have this feature.

  36. 86
    Dawn Says:

    Hey, I know this is short notice…but im praying sunone can help… Thers just one pic of these 7 for all mankind dojo, pleassssssseeeeee anyone chec em out and give me ur opinion theyr on ebay,seller name is diamond7diamond and the item # is 1405569292514…it ends in 3hrs
    Thanks sooooo much

  37. 87
    deaman Says:

    Question – both of mine do not have an inside #2 tag that says 7 for mankind – what does this mean. Also my Embroidery pocket jeans tag is black – fakes??????????????

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  39. 89
    cheapnikeshoes Says:

    Great site of information.

  40. 90
    Rqyarmaatmqns Says:

    Take care for ones statistics. Drastically prized.

  41. 91
    Microlending Says:


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  42. 92
    This Site Needs An Update Says:

    This guide should be taken with a grain of salt. I only purchase 7fam from major department stores (i.e. nordstrom/macys) or directly from the site and none of my petite jeans have overlock stitching plus the inner tags are no longer white, they are brown. I also have one swarovski pair (regular length) purchased from their site that has a back pocket tag (vertical one) ending about a millimeter or two above the seam- the crystals and tags were very obviously real so I didnt bother returning. Only buy from department stores and their site and you will be fine.

  43. 93
    Briin Yuger Says:

    How’s things?, is someone able to give information on free ebay app that can bid automatically just as the auction ends? (I cannot remember the correct term for this. thanks

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  45. 95
    Robin Says:

    Atlanticlimetreelost seller seven jeans are these real or fake. I asked and she said original. Thanks

  46. 96
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  47. 97
    Trisha Says:

    I was gonna buy these pair of jeans made in mexico and they are from the niem Marcus last call website but not sure if they’re real or not… Can u please help thanks;jsessionid=3B3327002F247FD152CAA2EDFDACB43B?icid=&searchType=SEARCH&rte=%252Fsearch.jsp%253FNo%253D0%2526Ntt%253D7%252Bfor%252Ball%252Bmankind%252BHers%2526_requestid%253D11203%2526N%253D0%2526pageSize%253D160%2526viewClick%253Dtrue&eItemId=prod2390066&cmCat=search;jsessionid=3B3327002F247FD152CAA2EDFDACB43B?icid=&searchType=SEARCH&rte=%252Fsearch.jsp%253FNo%253D0%2526Ntt%253D7%252Bfor%252Ball%252Bmankind%252BHers%2526_requestid%253D11203%2526N%253D0%2526pageSize%253D160%2526viewClick%253Dtrue&eItemId=prod2390064&cmCat=search;jsessionid=3B3327002F247FD152CAA2EDFDACB43B?icid=&searchType=SEARCH&rte=%252Fsearch.jsp%253FNo%253D0%2526Ntt%253D7%252Bfor%252Ball%252Bmankind%252BHers%2526_requestid%253D11203%2526N%253D0%2526pageSize%253D160%2526viewClick%253Dtrue&eItemId=prod2390064&cmCat=search

  48. 98
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